Furnaces Vs. Propane Boilers: Which Is Right for You?

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Furnaces Vs. Propane Boilers: Which Is Right for You?

When it comes to residential heating, most homes either have a boiler or furnace. Either of these can be effective and efficient residential heating options, depending on the construction, size, insulation, and layout of your home. This article compares propane boilers and furnaces. If you are building a new home, this should help you decide which system is going to be the most efficient for your new home.


Furnaces are definitely the most common of the two systems, especially in single unit homes. A furnace heats the actual air and then distributes it into the house using a duct system. The ducts are set within the walls, which works perfectly if you have a home with stud and drywall interiors. Most homes have this type of construction, so dust systems and furnaces are the most common set ups for central heating. A building that require heat and AC is going to be most affordable and practical if both systems are hooked to the same duct system.

However, duct systems aren't practical in properties that have solid walls. For instance, a home with brick and mortar walls will have limited space available for the duct system. With this type of construction, it might be more practical to have a propane boiler.


Boilers are different from furnaces in that the heat up water and then circulate it throughout pipes. The pipes are mostly within the walls and floorboard of the building. There are also usually radiators mounted to the outside of the walls. The radiator also has a control knob, enabling the user to adjust the heat flow and alter the temperature of the room. This enables a home to be heated more unevenly than what you can do with a furnace. When a furnace is turned on, air comes through all of the registers, so some rooms might get too hot, while others might not receive enough airflow.

Boilers can heat your home very effectively. Some people think of boilers as an old fashioned choice, because radiators are commonly associated with outdated construction. However, modern boiler are very energy efficient, and you don't need to have a radiator outside of the wall. Of course, the efficiency of your boiler also depends on the size, model, and the fuel that powers it. Propane is one of the most efficient fuels. It is also widely available, affordable, and offered through most public utility services.

Boilers and furnaces can both be great heating solutions for your home. To learn more, contact commercial propane services.

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