Are Your Employees Getting Headaches? Lighting And Other Changes To Make

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Are Your Employees Getting Headaches? Lighting And Other Changes To Make

If many of your staff office workers are complaining of headaches and other problems and you think that it is because of the lighting or possibly the air in your space, there are some things you can do. There are many people that have a sensitivity to light, and when you incorporate it with looking at screens all day, this problem can get worse. Look into the following things to see if they could help with the headache problems your staff are dealing with and to help make improvements where they are needed. 

New Lighting

The overhead lighting can be a cause for eye irritation and headaches. Look into getting some highly efficient LED lighting options so that you can provide a nice and bright workspace for all that have to work, and so you can cut down on your lighting costs. Choosing the right fixtures and bulbs can make a big difference with eye strain and energy bills.

Air Circulation and Purification

If the air in the workspace is too dry, or if there are mold spores in the air or other types of fungi or bacteria, this can cause different types of breathing complications, allergies, asthma, and headaches. You want to get an air purification system to help circulate and clean the air, so you can prevent headaches that are caused by toxins in the air.

Anti-Glare Screens

When your employees are staring at a screen all day, this alone could be the cause of a headache. If they are staring at screens that have glares from the lighting, this can cause even more irritation and headaches and pain. You want to invest in screen covers that prevent glares from becoming a problem and that will prevent the reflection and irritation they are currently dealing with.

If you have several employees complaining of headaches, there are other things you can look into as well. You may want to have the building tested for a gas leak of some kind, or look into investing in ergonomic furniture for the employees. You want to provide the most ideal workspace possible for your employees, and you don't want headaches to end up costing your employees sick days, time away from their work, or reduced productivity throughout the work week. Try to find out why they are all getting these headaches and treat the issue as quickly as possible.

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