Full-Service Solar Installation To Make The Most Out Of Renewable Energy Investments

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Full-Service Solar Installation To Make The Most Out Of Renewable Energy Investments

If you are planning on investing in solar energy, hiring the right service for the job is essential. You want to find a full-service solar installation provider that can walk you through the design to the completion of the installation. Try some of the following full-service solar solutions to cover all of your home's energy needs:

Installing the Solar Panel Racks

The racks need to be installed, and your roof will need to have work done too. Preparations need to be done to the roof when panels are installed, including:

  • Repairing the roof before panels are installed
  • Preparing areas for the panel rack brackets
  • Checking for leaks before panels are installed on racks

The panels' racks can help ensure your system is efficient and provides enough electricity to power your home. Ask a full-service solar installer about options for dual-axis rack systems. These racks allow the panels to be adjusted to maximize surface exposure to direct sunlight.

The Installation of Solar Panels

The installation of the solar panels is a long process. There may be maintenance that needs to be done before the panels can even be installed. Steps that need to be done when you are for a solar panel installation include:

  • Designing the rack systems
  • Choosing the type of panels
  • Mounting the panels
  • Wiring panels to converters

The installation of solar panels is the longest step in designing your home's energy system. After the panels are installed, the rest of the processes should be quicker.  

Designing the Energy Storage Systems

It is just as important to have storage for the energy your panels produce. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to the energy storage for solar panels, including:

  • The number of batteries
  • Charge controllers with monitoring
  • Grid-tied switches for auxiliary power

The installation of a reliable energy storage system is essential if you are designing an off-grid system. This is where the electricity is stored to power your home around the clock.

Wiring the Systems That Will Provide Power

Once you have the system planned and the panels installed, it needs to be wired. The wiring of the panels is going to be done first, and then the battery bank. When wiring the controllers and your home, you may want to make some changes. This may include updating your electrical wiring and lighting to complete the energy system design.

The full-service solar installation solutions will provide your home with a reliable renewable energy system. Contact a solar installation company to start planning renewable energy systems for your power needs.

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