Switching To Solar Energy? 4 Solar Panel Installation Mistakes You Shouldn't Make

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Switching To Solar Energy? 4 Solar Panel Installation Mistakes You Shouldn't Make

Solar energy has gained massive popularity over the past few decades. The main reason is that people are becoming increasingly conscious of the importance of finding renewable energy. Solar energy is also virtually free, and once you incur the initial installation costs, you can enjoy the benefits for decades. However, you have to be careful during the planning and installation stages because any mistakes can lead to an inefficient power source. Here are four solar panel installation mistakes you really need to avoid.

Doing It Yourself

One of the major mistakes people make with solar installation is a lack of proper planning and research beforehand. You can start by comparing the solar panels in the market and their capacity. Secondly, choose a professional to install the system without creating problems. If you do it yourself, you might make mistakes in the wiring and ruin power conversion efficiency or reduce the life of the solar panels. 

Look for a solar panel installation professional to handle your installation. A professional will install the panel in a manner that safeguards your warranty and gives you maximum returns on your investment.

Making Poor Calculations on Power Consumption

Solar panel users often miscalculate their domestic power use. Sadly, this leads to situations where you buy a solar panel that does not fully meet your needs. It is advisable to let a professional carry out a power audit in your home. They will accurately estimate your energy expenditure and recommend the ideal solar panel capacity for your needs. An energy audit is inexpensive and saves you from buying a unit that will not meet your needs.

Using the Wrong Cables

It is crucial to use the proper cables when managing solar installation and maintenance. You might get tempted to choose the cheapest wires in the market to save money, but it's wise to consider safety and longevity. Low-quality cables might burn due to an overload, which will lead to fire damage in the house. Also, ensure the installation team moisture-proofs the cables as this will minimize the possibility of water damage. 

Placing the Panels Incorrectly

You have to install your solar panels on the right part of the roof if you want maximum efficiency. A professional can check your location and roof inclination and determine the position that's ideal for the solar panels

After buying solar panels, the installation process should be the next thing to think about. If the solar panels aren't installed properly or any other mistake happens during installation, you may spend more money fixing it. Therefore, choose a professional to consult with for the assessment and installation process. They will help you get a long-lasting alternative energy source for your home. 

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