Preparing for Your First Propane Delivery Session

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Preparing for Your First Propane Delivery Session

If you recently purchased a new home, and it requires propane gas to heat the interior, you likely have some concerns regarding the delivery process. Here are some points to keep in mind when preparing for your first batch of propane to be delivered.

Contact a Reliable Supplier in Your Area

After you move into your home, you need to contact a propane supplier in your area before you can successfully heat your home unless the prior owner left propane gas in an existing tank for your use. If you do utilize leftover propane, be aware that you need to check the gauge on the tank so you do not run out before a new delivery can be made.

Contact a reliable propane service and inquire as to whether you can use the existing tank or if they will supply their own. If you are using the same service as your previous owner, you may be able to use the same tank. If you pick another business, and there is a supplier name on an existing tank, contact them so they can remove the tank from your property. Be sure to ask a new supplier about their rates and a proposed delivery schedule. They will deliver a new tank to your property and fill it with propane soon afterwards.

Prepare Your Land for the Delivery Service

If you expect a new tank to be delivered, you need plenty of room for workers to unload it from a truck onto your property. They will first evaluate the land to determine the best location for it to be set up. Remove any yard furnishings, children's activities, and fencing which may hinder the workers from successfully placing the tank. Provide the service with directions to your home and indicate whether an existing tank is in place so they can position a new one nearby.

Find Out When the Delivery Will Be Made

It is best to contact the propane service again in the days before the proposed delivery date to confirm someone will be coming to your property as agreed upon. This way, you can be sure to be at home to help direct workers toward the area where a previous tank was located, or to help them in the determination of where to set up a tank for your use. You will also be available to contact the service if you have questions about your tank and propane delivery.

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