Choosing The Right Solar Panel System For Your Home To Achieve The Best Performance

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Choosing The Right Solar Panel System For Your Home To Achieve The Best Performance

When considering a solar collection system for your home, you may need to take some time to discuss the solar panel options with the contractor or installer doing the work. At first glance, all solar panels may look the same, but there are differences in the panels that can change the system's performance once installed on your home.

Panel Wattage

When selecting a solar panel for your home, it is essential to look at the amount of wattage required to run the house and the amount of square footage available for the panels. If you have a small roof and are limited to the number of solar panels you can add to the space, you may need to look at a solar panel that offers a more significant wattage potential but in the same amount of space. 

The panel may not be physically larger, but if you need four hundred watts and can get it from a single solar panel that fits in the same area as a smaller one or two hundred-watt panels, it could be a better option for your solar system. The weight of the panel may be heavier, so it is vital to consider the structure and the ability to support a high-wattage solar panel, but your solar contractor can help select the suitable options for your home. 

It is essential to remember that the wattage rating of the solar panel is a potential in perfect conditions. If you are concerned that there is not enough sunlight to support the larger panel, you may want to look for alternatives that are a better fit in terms of performance and price.

Alternative Mounting Options

When considering the location of the solar system you are using to power your home, you may need to look at alternatives to the standard roof-mounted solar panel layout. Each solar panel you are mounting needs to be supported, but it also needs access to sunlight for as much of the day as possible.

If you have a very shaded home, putting the panels on the roof may mean you only get a small amount of sun on them. An alternative mount like a ground mount or placing the panels on an outbuilding with more sun could be worth considering. You can still use the large wattage solar panel on a ground mount, and in some cases, it may offer more solar collection when you position it to gather the most amount of sunlight possible. 

Taking it a step further, using a solar panel mounted on a sun-tracking mount that follows the sun throughout the day could be the best way to maximize the potential of your system and get all the solar energy you need, with some to spare.  

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